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45” X 36” CRAFT-PACK

$15.99 EACH
The Original Double-Sided Fusible Fleece
Nice and lofty.  You’ll only
have to use one layer.  Duo
Fuse will replace recommended
battings in any project and add
all the stability you need.
Duo Fuse can be incorporated into
every section of a project, including
handles and straps.  Adding Duo
Fuse to your project means you
won’t have to purchase multiple
stabilizers for each of the various
components of your project.
General Directions
1. Place the Duo-Fuse Batting on the wrong side
of the fabric, and then cover with your other piece
of fabric wrong side down.
2. Fuse – Cover with a damp press cloth.  Set iron
on the wool setting. Press with moderate pressure
for 8-10 seconds.
3. Repeat, lifting and slightly overlapping with iron
until all of the fabric is fused.
4. Flip the construction over and repeat, pressing
for shorter intervals to ensure that all of the fabric
is fused.
5. Let fabric cool, then check bond.
6. If you wish to only fuse one side
of the batting simply place a Teflon ironing sheet
or parchment paper under the Duo-Fuse Batting,
apply your fabric wrong-side down and fuse as
outlined above.
Often imitated but never duplicated...

Duo Fuse is a lofty, luxurious polyester fleece with a patented adhesive
system that provides stability without the stiffness and pucker of other
fusible fleeces.  Great for a traditional, padded look in handbags,
Tote bags, padded picture frames, table runners, placemats, quilts
And much, much more...